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Our desire: to create the Douge style, singular, intense and unforgettable.

As with the work of our plots, we elaborate our wines in such a way that each one fully expresses its natural potential. To move towards this goal, we make sure to be intervene as little as possible. It is thanks to this controlled freedom that the natural precision of our cuvées will be revealed.

  • Staring from the harvest, we select our most balanced and ripe grapes, favoring quality rather than quantity.

  • At the time of  pressing, we isolate the different presses, and vinify the plots and grape varieties separately in order to obtain the biggest possible aromatic palette.  

  • We have chosen to elaborate our wines on a single vintage with the aim of letting each year permeate the personality of our cuvées. If the soul of the cuvée remains unchanged, the vintage adds its singularity.

  • The wooden barrels hold a key place in our vinification. Wood is for us a precious ally in the creation of our wines. This living material is not only a container, but it will also reveal and sublimate.

  • In our desire to respect the integrity of our wines, we do not practice fining or filtration .  

  • We have chosen to dose all our cuvées in extra-brut, to stay as close as possible to the natural aromas of each wine.  


In its purest expression, each of our cuvées will deliver an emotion: the one originating from its terroir, thus bringing us closer as possible to what nature has to offer. 

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